Many families of Canadian citizens or permanent residents have not settled or are unable to travel to Canada due to various reasons. The Canadian government provides humanitarians with a variety of ways to reunite with their loved ones and it allows family members to reunite permanently through Family Class Sponsorship. In addition, the Canadian Super Visa is also another option. The super Visa is valid for up to ten years. It is very suitable for applicants who want to reunite with their parents or grandparents but do not want to stay in Canada for a long time. Family sponsorship is generally divided into the following categories:


Sponsorship to spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, and dependent child

For spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners, and unmarried children under 22 years of age in Canada.

For family sponsorship, there is no requirements on education, work experience, language skills, etc., as long as the sponsor has the qualifications and can prove that their genuine relationship.


Parents and grandparents sponsorship

Canadian citizens or permanent residents all have the right to sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. This stream has lower requirements for applicants, but it requires a sponsor to meet the low income cut-offs set by Immigration Canada. 


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