CANADA Permanent Resident Travel Document


Permanent residents returning to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus must show a valid Permanent Resident Card. If you know your card will expire when you’re travelling, renew it before you leave. You can only renew your card in Canada. If you’re outside Canada and don’t have a valid PR card, you need a permanent resident travel document (PRTD) to return to Canada. You can only apply for a PRTD from outside Canada. If you try to return to Canada without a PR card or PRTD, you may not be able to take your flight, train, bus or boat to Canada. A travel document is normally only valid for one single entry. You should apply for a new PR card as soon as you resume residence in Canada.



You can apply for a permanent resident travel document if you:

  • are a permanent resident,
  • do not have a valid PR card showing your PR status,
  • are outside Canada, and
  • will return to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus.


Document Checklist

Click here to download the checklist (PDF)


Who should not apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document?

  • Canadian citizens
  • Foreign Nationals who do not have Permanent Resident status
  • Permanent residents with a valid PR Card
  • Permanent residents in Canada
  • Permanent residents who want to voluntarily give up (renounce) their permanent residence status
  • Past Permanent Residents who have lost their PR status


What are the requirements?

To apply for a PRTD you need to:

  • prove who you are;
  • confirm your permanent resident status; and
  • meet the residency obligation of a permanent resident.

An officer will decide if you are eligible for a PRTD. A decision is usually made without a personal interview and is based on your application, information and documents submitted.


What will happen after you applied PRTD?

If your application is complete and you meet the requirements:

  • you will be issued a PRTD counterfoil in your passport.

The PRTD is all you need from the visa office for re-entry to Canada.

If your application for a PRTD is refused:

  • you will get a refusal letter, explaining the reasons for the refusal and your appeal rights.

If you decide to appeal a negative decision, follow the instructions in the “Notice of Appeal” form and letter sent with your refusal.


What if I am living outside Canada on a long-term basis?

Usually, PRTD counterfoils are issued for a single entry to Canada. However, you can request a long-term multiple entry PRTD if you:

  • meet the residency obligation; and
  • are living outside Canada on a long-term basis (for example, if you are a permanent resident accompanying your Canadian citizen spouse).

Include a cover letter that explains your circumstances and requests a multiple entry PRTD.

Multiple entry PRTD’s cannot extend beyond the expiry date of your passport.

Once in Canada, you should apply for a PR Card