Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa (commonly known as tourist visa), anyone who intends to travel to Canada for tourism, family visits or business activities must apply for a Visitor Visa.


Purpose of Visit

When applying for a Visitor Visa, the key point is your purpose of the visit.

If it is a tourism purpose, then you need to provide detailed travel plans, and detailed information about air tickets and accommodations.

If the purpose is for a business event, documents such as an invitation letter need to be provided to prove that traveling to Canada is indeed based on business needs.

For the purpose of visiting relatives, provide proof of the relationship with the person visiting the relative and the status of the person in Canada, an invitation letter, financial proof of the person in Canada, etc. When visiting relatives, focus on immediate family members. If you are just friends or distant relatives, it is better to travel for the purpose.


Travel History

Canadian visitor visa is more focused on your travel history, that is, whether they have travelling records in other developed countries. For example, traveling to Japan, Europe, and Australia are a plus, especially for applicants who are holding a US visa.


Proof of Financial
There is no interview for a Canadian visitor visa, and it is extremely important that the materials provided by the applicant are comprehensive and reasonable. For tourism purposes, the visa officer values ​​whether the applicant has a stable job, considerable income, bank flow that can prove the income, proof of assets and proof of saving deposit. The visa officer will also weigh the applicant’s intention of immigration based on the materials provided.


General Requirements

  • Hold a valid travel document, such as a passport
  • Maintain a healthy condition
  • No criminal record or immigration-related convictions
  • Close ties with the motherland, such as work, real estate, financial assets or family relationships
  • Personal Statement to approve not overstaying in Canada at the end of the stay
  • Financial status
  • Invitation letter if available


Duration of stay for each entrance with a Visitor Visa: 6 months


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